Snail Mail Fun.
Inspo Fountainhead.
Study Club.
Community Circle.
Art Therapy. 
Craft Night.
Support Group.

No matter what you call it, We Are Verbs will regenerate your creative spirit.

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We Believe

Grounded Teaching believes education is a huge lever to support thriving lives on this planet. To do that better, we're imagining future learning systems modeled after ecosystems, not industries.

In our We Are Verbs  community subscription, we're taking the ingredients that we've found work: 

  • gather a bunch of wonderful humans with something in common (teaching, in this case)
  • create stimulating questions & inspiring resources (the snail-mail monthly journal & online community)
  • provide a meaningful, live spaces to connect (our WAV Creative Portal Monthly Meet-up & Book Clubs)

And one more key ingredient:

  • Keeping it fun. We are simply not going to take ourselves too seriously.

We Are Verbs is a study club and creative community & platform designed to co-create more inspiration and joy for teachers.

Our Method to bring more life directly to teachers:

  •  Inspiring Connections
  •  Stimulating Reflections
  •  Creative Directions

Three major elements of the We Are Verbs subscription:

1. Fresh, Monthly-Themed Guided Journal

Bullet-journal style personal reflection space

Prempts and research designed to help you unlearn and connect

Planner space: month-at-a-glance & weekly layout

100% recycled paper, 100% recycle-able, backyard compostable mailer

Fresh new theme each month for improved focus with reflection questions & space to write

Next month's version snail-mailed to you on the 24th of each month

2. An online Community of Creative Teachers

Want to share a response to the monthly journal? A picture of the sweater you're knitting? We have spaces to connect with all of that on our online community.We're inspiring each other to create amazing things and love ourselves and each other while doing it.

Our online community also houses tons of resources if you want to think more about being creative personally OR in your learning space.

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3. Live Meetings for Connection-Making

WAV Creative Portal Monthly Meet-Ups

You might call this a monthly craft circle,  creative workshop, art night, or even teacher support group, but the idea is the same: we meet to dig into our creative sides, together, in this monthly zoom call. 

We start with a topic discussion, guest speaker, or craft demo, and reserve the rest of the time for sharing our projects, sharing what we're working on, or even crafting/art-making right then and there if possible.

Book Clubs

Maybe it's the English teachers in us, but we love a good book club. We meet about every six weeks to discuss a book. To give you a taste of what we like reading, books we've previously read include: Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta, Entangled Life Merlin Sheldrake, Wintering by Katherine May, and The Creative Act by Rick Rubin.

We are always up for suggestions for book club, and tend to plan three books in advance so you can skip ahead or reserve from the library. 

Included in your We Are Verbs Subscription Membership

  • A 48-page, lay-flat cool-ass 3-part guided journal, shipped to your house each month.
  • Access to our WAV Creative Portal Monthly Meetups 
  • Online discussions and group chats
  • Free access to seasonal Grounded Teaching workshops
  • Member access to our virtual community
  • Downloadable resources on our community page
  • A library of exclusive audio recordings on specific themes
  • Member directory and search

Strengthen your community of awesome teachers

Bring more joy to your lives (and learning space!)

Enjoy a space to unlearn, ask, and share cool projects & practices

Develop a routine of reflecting and unlearning


Keep in Touch

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