Our Story

Since 2018, we've been helping teachers, administrators, homeschool parents, and other education professionals consider a philosophy for regenerative education through our Grounded Teaching services and projects, like the Regenerative Ed podcast. We kept coming back to several questions:

  • How do we not focus on the problems of this over-industrialized, mechanical system of education, and instead focus on the possibilities?
  • What do we have in each of us that we can uniquely create, and how can we help educators pull that out?
  • (Building off above question) How do we follow that ourselves, as Grounded Teaching? How do we create things that aren't just your average re-made classroom tool? How do we really bring our own sense of passion, creation, synthesis, and emergence into the things we make for all sorts of teachers?
  • And how can we do that in community?
We came up with a three-pronged approach:
    We've been making PDF, video, and audio resources for years, but we're adding in a new exciting format of published/printed resources. If you're like us, you'll open a PDF once or twice, but a book, journal, or zine has sticking power and real added usefulness. Our first printed resource we're offering is our Monthly Guided Journal which focuses on a monthly theme for direction and a physical journal, shipped to your house, with unlearning prompts, journal space, and planner space-- exactly what we felt like we needed and wanted to use.  

    We Are Verbs was born as a response to these questions in May of 2022. We spent a year understanding what the community was asking for, listening to what really moves us, and digging into the above questions all the more. In fall of 2023, we re-launched We Are Verbs as a teacher community that focuses on emergent creativity and joy in community, and we made it free and easily accessible to the public. We are so excited for this next iteration of We Are Verbs, and we hope you will check it out!

    Easily accessible to folks on any podcast platform, the Regenerative Ed Podcast re-launches in October of 2023 with bi-weekly episodes with interviews from all sorts of educators looking for more regenerative futures. We're also adding something new to the podcast: audio workshops! If you subscribe for five bucks, you'll get a new audio workshop every month, where Sarah and Jess will go beyond conversations for specifics and how-to's. Keep your eyes out!
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Hey there,

We're Sarah and Jess, co-founders of Grounded Teaching. We're nationally certified educators with a combined 4 decades and 4 degrees in education, but we also do work in textile art, community advocacy, organizing community art projects, regenerative farming, parenting--the list goes on. Often, we feel those latter things inform Grounded Teaching just as much as our experience in education.

When we allow ourselves to work on our creative projects-be it garden plot design, unit plan, or making these journals- we feel ease and beauty enter into our lives. Through our personal experience, we know that feeling is magnified when shared in community.

Join us on We Are Verbs!