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Monthly Guided Journal for Teachers

Monthly Guided Journal for Teachers

Open the Monthly Guided Journal for Teachers and

  • Become inspired with ideas for your learning space, and jot down your own notes for ideas that emerge
  • Explore the fresh monthly theme to begin unschooling yourself and expanding to include what you’ve already learned. Examples of previous themes: "Imagination"  -  "The In-Betweens"  -   "Being Bodies"(current).
  • Enjoy the many easy-to-access outside resources related to the monthly theme, such as links youtube videos, unit plan PDFs, scientific journal articles, recipes, and more-- compiled for you to use personally or with your learners.
  • Set and track new tiny habits for the month
  • Record daily gratitude with structures proven to work in scientific studies
  • Use the blank bullet journal pages to flexibly design blank journal pages around what matters most to you
  • Plan your month in the week-by-week planner, complete with helpful prompts related to meaningful dates this month
  • Share any of your reflections and thinking on our We Are Verbs platform, particularly the journal page.

October's Theme: Being Bodies.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Activates Hope & Possibility

      This journal has brought me more joy than I ever expected. The reflective questions and thoughtful prompts inspire creativity and cultivate presence. Thank you to this community for reminding me that I am not alone!

      Finn Menzies
      Brain breaking + heart opening

      When I write on my own journal it’s easy. This is not easy, in fact it calls upon you to stretch inward and outward. It’s so rich in its questions that you have to be an adventurous thinker and feeler! I love its modern girl and it’s wild provocations. I love what it provoked in me and how I fell head and heart into it.

      Kathryn Laframboise
      Cheers to the “in-betweens”

      What a fantastic journal opportunity. Thoughtfully created with attainable action items. This is a beautiful space for reflection; I love the amount of options for “doing” in this journal that are available. This journal doesn’t pigeonhole you as an educator. You are an entire being and that is carefully focused on here. Also, as a texture person, this journal is a dream to touch. I’m looking forward to using this journal both at school (while my students journal) as well as at home. It’s the perfect size for being the perfect company anywhere you go. I highly recommend giving this journal a try!

      Beautiful and Helpful

      WAV guided monthly journal is beautifully written, beautifully thoughtful, and beautifully useful! The teacher/thought provoker is allowing the student/reader to learn through the most effective mechanism - questions/self discovery. This is a learn for yourself, about yourself guide; we are all students.

      Melissa Nilsen
      Fantastic journal

      This journal is artfully laid out with wonderful prompts to consider all month long. I have been looking for something to make apart of my daily practice, and this gives the right amount of guidance. I’ll be looking into a subscription for sure.